From Forest to Fire Overnight Bushcraft Workshop

От CAD 124,00 CA$
  • Продолжительность: 2 дн. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Apsley
  • Код предложения: BCSKON
This is a forest to fire workshop that is designed to upgrade your survival skills by helping you create and learn to use your your own bowdrill kit. 

First, you will forage for the necessary raw materials to build your kit, paying attention to species and level of decomposition, always through a lens of respect for the land and leave no trace ethics.  Then, we will employ some of the basic principles of knife and axework to hew out the basic tools of your kit from the raw ingredients we've foraged.  Then our instructors will demonstrate the method for using your kit to start a fire using friction, and help you acquire those same skills.

Each participant will…

  • create their own bowdrill kit to take home with them

  • learn and practice the technique used to create a coal using a bowdrill kit

  • create a tinder bundle and learn how to use it to generate a flame from a bowdrill coal

  • learn to feed and maintain a fire started from a bowdrill coal

  • learn to identify the trees and materials needed to harvest and create a bowdrill kit straight from a forest in the Kawarthas

Workshop Layout:

  1. Bowdrill demo

  2. Hike to ID materials and harvest bows

  3. Gather tinder, kindling and firewood

  4. Blade safety and maintenance

  5. Blade skills - batoning and carving

  6. Build bowdrill kits

  7. Learn bowdrill technique

  8. Practice!!

    You should bring your own knife, but we can provide you with one, if you need.