Wild Child ORCKA Canoe Camp

부터 CAD CA$829.16
  • 기간: 5 일 (대략)
  • 위치: Apsley , ON
  • 상품 코드: OPC5
This five-day adventure camp is a unique opportunity for kids to obtain world-class paddling certifications and forge life-long friendships in the context of an unforgettable backcountry canoe trip.  Our guides are ORCKA Instructors, and offer flatwater paddling instruction designed to turn beginners into effective paddlers while gaining valuable canoe tripping experience.  During this canoe trip in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, paddlers will obtain Basic Canoeing - Tandem certification up to Level 3, with an option for level 4, which is only for solo paddlers.

A canoe trip is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about themselves and others, while connecting with nature.  They upgrade their skills of self-reliance and determination, and achieve goals that will serve as personal touchstones in the face of life's obstacles.  For example, Three Mile Lake, on one of our routes, is appropriately-named: it's an almost three-mile portage in and out, with a three mile paddle in between!    

Backcountry canoe tripping with The Land is also a great opportunity to learn how to be an instrumental member of a team.  Canoe tripping requires constant teamwork to travel safely and swiftly, and group dynamics quickly becomes a crucial factor in the trip's success.  

Finally, the natural and cultural heritage of the landscape and waterways of this beautiful park in "the Land Between" offers a perfect occasion for paddlers to connect with nature, through playing in the water, preparing the evening fire, learning about plants and animals and stargazing with s'mores.  

In addition to these learning objectives, kids will seriously improve their canoe skills!

ORCKA Basic Canoeing - Tandem Levels 1-3

Safety Lessons

  • Swimming on trip (ie sometimes unplanned!)
  • Retrieving a swamped canoe
  • Canoe-over-canoe rescues
  • Re-entering a rescued canoe

Theory Lessons

  • Choosing, using and caring for canoe tripping equipment
  • Packing for a canoe trip
  • Rules and regulations 
  • Safe canoeing procedures
  • Outdoor Precautions
  • Environmental awareness
  • Windy weather precautions
Canoeing Skills

  • Launching and removing a canoe
  • Entering and exiting
  • Paddling positions and trimming a canoe
  • Balancing
  • Changing positionsPivots
  • Sideways displacement
  • Forward straight line
  • Inside and outside turns
  • Inside and outside circles
  • Stopping the canoe
  • Inside and Outside landings
  • Reverse straight line
  • Lifts and carries
  • Transporting a canoe on a trailer or vehicle
  • Canoe tour

In addition to the basic canoeing course, kids will learn canoe tripping skills like : 

  • Weather interpretation
  • Leave no trace ethics and environmental practices 
  • Map-reading, map and compass navigation
  • Campsites and shelters
  • Cooking on a fire and on camp stoves
  • Knots and line
  • Portaging