ORCKA Basic Canoeing Level 1-3

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  • Location: Apsley, Ontario
  • Product code: OBC13
The ORCKA Basic Canoeing Level Program is still designed as an introduction to canoeing. After completing Basic Canoeing, many people have learned as many skills as they wish and need for their future canoeing enjoyment. 

The Basic Levels are designed to introduce the novice or relatively inexperienced canoeist to
paddling. The emphasis is on mastering the fundamentals of canoeing along with a strong
grounding in water safety and safe canoeing practices. 

This is a full day on the water, so please come well rested and ready to learn and enjoy!


 Swimming and treading water 

Retrieving a swamped canoe 

Canoe over canoe rescue 

Re-entering a canoe 


Selection of equipment 

Equipment knowledge & care 

Government regulations 

Safe canoeing procedures 

Outdoor precautions 

Environmental awareness 

Windy weather precautions 

Canoeing history 

Day trip packing

Skills (tandem) 

Launching and removing a canoe 

Entering and exiting a canoe 

Paddling positions and trimming 


Changing positions 


Sideward displacement 

Forward straight line 

Inside and outside turns 

Inside and outside circles 

Inside and outside landings 

Reverse straight line 

Lifts and carries 

Transporting a canoe on vehicle 

Canoe tour
Skills (solo) 

All of the above items, except:
Balancing, changing positions,
transporting a canoe on vehicle and canoe tour